Methods - Körperorientierte Traumatherapie Traumasensitives Yoga

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BEPP - Brief Eclectic Psychotherapy for PTSD

The therapy contains various therapy approaches that include exposure and cognitive elements, but also has a psychodynamic approach that directs attention to the meaning of the trauma.

Brainspotting is a body-oriented process that uses the eye positions (brainspot) to get access to the physical sensations, feelings, and memories connected with the trauma. By maintaining the eye position, the physically and emotionally burdening experiences can be worked through and integrated.

CPT - Cognitive Processing Therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy for PTSD. In addition to exposure, the focus is on changing the limiting beliefs that have been created through the trauma.

Ego State Therapy - Work with parts of the personality
Above all, a fragmentation of the personality can be observed in cases of early childhood traumas. The parts are given their say and are heard. The goal is an integration of the different parts.

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
Through fast, guided eye movements during the trauma exposure, it is possible to newly store the memories and change the limiting beliefs.

NET - Narrative Exposure Therapy
On a Life Line, the events of a life are symbolized, discussed in chronological order, and integrated into the person’s life as a result.

PE - Prolonged Exposure
The trauma exposure is conducted slowly and repeatedly so that a habituation effect occurs.  

SE - Somatic Experience
On the physiological level, a trauma is a fight-or-flight impulse that has not been successfully completed. The focus is on dissolving the frozen psychoemotional and physical reactions.  

TSY - Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
A trauma has been burned into the body; above all, it manifests in the physical reactions to stress. Yoga in the individual therapy and in groups offers skills for emotional regulation and coping with the physical reactions to traumatic stress.

SE - Somatic Experience
Ein Trauma ist auf physiologischer Ebene ein nicht erfolgreich zu Ende gebrachter Flucht- oder Angriffsimpuls. Die Auflösung der erstarrten psychoemotionalen und physischen Reaktionen steht im Mittelpunkt.  

TCTSY - Traumasensitives Yoga
Ein Trauma ist im Körper eingebrannt und zeigt sich vor allem in den körperlichen Reaktionen auf Stress. Yoga in Einzeltherapie und in Gruppen bietet Skills zur Emotionsregulation und zum Umgang mit körperlichen Reaktionen auf traumatischen Stress.

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