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Trauma therapy means being accompanied and facing memories within a protected framework so that you can process and integrate them into your life.

I have an integrative approach, which means that I adapt the treatment to your traumatic experiences and your needs so that various therapy processes can be used. My approach is transparent: You receive answers to your questions, recognize the correlations between the trauma and your symptoms, and are informed about the approach and therapy goals so that you can actively contribute to the process.

I work in a body-oriented way. Physical sensations and experiences play an essential role in the symptoms of trauma. I therefore include the somatic experiencing in the therapy. The goal is for you to be able to master your physical sensations and emotions even in difficult moments and regain a feeling of self-efficacy and trust in yourself in this way.

The trauma therapy takes place in the following three phases:

Stabilization and affect regulation
In order to tolerate exposure and be able to talk about the experiences, feelings and effects of a trauma, in the phase of stabilization, we work out tools that empower you to slow down and control your emotions and physical reactions so that you no longer feel at their mercy. The elements of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga are also used here.

The term exposure is from the Latin expositio; in literal terms, it means "exposition." In the exposure therapy, I will accompany you within a protected framework and structured form in remembering your traumatic experiences so that you can process them.

We speak about your losses, the betrayal that you experienced, your phases of hopelessness, pain, and fear, your anger, powerlessness, and grief. In this way, you can consider your past as having already occurred and are capable of shaping your future.

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